There are a multitude of investment options available today. And it is normal that, faced with so many possibilities, you don’t know which one to choose to invest your money in the best way. Among the range of options you can find, investing in Andorra has been one of the best alternatives for many years.

There are many ways to invest in Andorra, depending on how you want to do it, the level of involvement you want to have or the value of the investment to be made.

How can we invest in Andorra?

Open an investment account in an Andorran bank.

At any of the three main banks in the principality (Morabanc, Crèdit Andorrà and Andbank) you will find different financial products to invest in, with the possibility of generating higher returns.

Create a business in Andorra.

The Principality is a perfect country for setting up a business and investing successfully, as it offers facilities for business start-ups and Andorra’s tax climate is very good.

Purchase shares in a company in Andorra.

If you are looking to invest in Andorra but prefer not to be directly involved in the management of a business, you can become a shareholder or buy shares in a company in Andorra. There are many highly profitable businesses currently operating in Andorra.

Obtain government bills and bonds.

If you want to invest in Andorra but want to do so by investing in fixed income products insured by the state, these securities may be your solution for investing in Andorra.

Buy a housing in Andorra.

The classic investment has always been to invest in real estate. And there is every reason to do so, as it is one of the most profitable. Moreover, Andorra continues to attract interest from people from all over the world who want to come and live in the principality, so buying a housing is a great option for investing in Andorra. Either to live there yourself or to rent it out later.

Investing in a housing in Andorra

Investing in real estate is a very interesting option if you are looking for security and profitability. Buying a housing in Andorra is one of the smartest investments you can make in the Principality. To buy real estate in Andorra you do not need residency, but you will need the foreign real estate investment authorisation, although it is a very simple procedure to complete.

A very positive aspect of investing in Andorra with the purchase of a housing is that, as it is a country with low taxation, the taxes associated with the purchase of a housing are also lower. As a general rule, you will have to pay the ITP (Tax on Real Estate Transmissions) which is 4% and also the notary fees, which usually represent 0.1% of the value of the housing. Finally, the real estate agency fees, around 5%, have to be added.

Investing in a luxury home in Andorra, the best option

Investing in Andorra by buying a property is a good idea. Investing in Andorra by buying a luxury property is the best idea. For a greater guarantee and security, when choosing the property you will buy, make sure that it has the best qualities and top of the range materials. The more services available in the building where the housing is located, the better: spa, gym, green areas… every added value counts for a higher return on investment.

In which area to invest in Andorra by buying a property?

Although the neuralgic areas such as Andorra la Vella or Escaldes-Engordany are a safe bet due to their high concentration of movement and business, the areas that offer a haven of peace are currently attracting the most attention. We recommend you take a look at the parishes of Canillo or Ordino, with spectacular landscapes that have attracted the attention of investors in recent years.

“Arbres El Tarter” of Residencial Altavista, what you’re looking for

An innovative development in one of the most interesting and exclusive areas of the Principality of Andorra. 49 luxury flats that represent the best investment in Andorra you can imagine. With all the facilities and comforts that anyone can dream of in their idyllic home, these luxury homes in El Tarter (Canillo) represent a perfect solution for investing in Andorra.

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