Eficiencia energética en la vivienda

Housing accounts for one of the highest shares of energy consumption in Europe, and its environmental impact is increasing. To correct this, a commitment to sustainable housing is essential. Not only to take care of our environment, but also for many other reasons.

At Residencial Altavista we want to show you the benefits of energy efficiency in housing. But only a few, because we could mention an infinite list.

Energy efficiency is no longer an option, but an indispensable prerequisite. Just as many elements of our lives have been transformed (vehicles, recycling…) in favour of a much more sustainable lifestyle, our homes must follow the same path, since, as we mentioned, they are one of the biggest energy consumers in our cities – more so than cars!

And why go for energy efficiency in housing?

Savings on bills.

If we live in a well-insulated home, the use of appliances such as air conditioning or heating is considerably reduced, as our home does not lose energy. By needing to use less energy, our bills will be considerably reduced.

The value of our home increases.

A renovation, especially if it is sustainable, can increase the value of your home by 20-30% over its original price. An energy efficient housing will be much more attractive to potential buyers and/or tenants.

Improved comfort.

An energy efficient housing is a home where you live better. There is no heat loss, the temperature inside is more pleasant, we avoid temperature changes inside the house…

We care for the environment.

There is no need to mention the importance of taking care of our environment and our planet. Energy efficiency in housing means reducing the carbon footprint and emissions of our home, so we will be contributing to living in more sustainable cities.

Increased safety and durability.

Improving the insulation of our home with a renovation is one of the most effective improvements we can make to improve the energy efficiency of our home. This will result in greater safety and better qualities to withstand the passage of time: heat leaks, humidity…

An improved design.

A more flexible and open-plan layout of our homes will create spaces that are more comfortable and sustainable in the long term.

There are many reasons to opt for energy-efficient housing. A sustainable home means better living at all levels. However, achieving energy efficiency in a house is not only possible with a renovation, we can also choose to buy a newly built house that meets all the energy efficiency requirements and, therefore, provides us with all the benefits.

At Residencial Altavista we are clear about the need for energy efficiency and that is why our development “Arbres El Tarter” has been designed under demanding quality standards in terms of energy efficiency. With consumption and CO2 emissions up to 80% lower than other housings. The bioclimatic design and architecture used make it possible to air-condition the homes with the greatest comfort and the lowest consumption.

The “Arbres El Tarter” development offers the possibility of living in an incomparable environment, with the highest qualities, all the comforts and with sustainability as a priority. A luxury home designed for you, turnkey, ready to move into. If you would like more information about the development, you can contact the Residencial Altavista team here.